4x4 Jeep Safari Tour Adventure with camel

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4x4 Jeep Safari Tour Adventure with camel includes:

  • Meeting point and pick up from hotel
  • Discover the volcanic landscape from Gran Canaria
  • Insurances and Taxes
  • Discovery of gran canarias landscape and views
  • Guides talks many languages
  • Camel ride included.Camel riding is paid onsite

Pick up from your Accommodation
Once everyone is picked up we will go up to the ravine of Santa Lucía. We will drive towards the dam of Sorrueda and visit the Ansite Fortress. Then we will give a walk in the village of Santa Lucía.
We will continue towards San Bartolomé de Tirajana where we will have lunch.
The we will go down by the valley of the thousand palm trees until we reach the village of Fataga.
There we will visit the old town, and we can check how did our ancestors lived.
The next stop will be in the Lookout of the Flies, where you will be able to take photographs of the valley and where you will be able to see the Dunes of Maspalomas.
Then we will go towards the Dunes of Maspalomas.
where you will be doing the camel ride.
Feel like your in the desert ,floating on the camel.

Ravine of Santa Lucía

The Tirajana Ravine is located on the Southeast region of Gran Canaria, in the municipality of Santa Lucía de Tirajana. In the Canary Islands.
The Tirajana Ravine was formed from the Tirajana Cauldron and descended with from Northwest to Southeast till the sea over the Juan Grande plains.
This ravine has nearly 76 square kilometers and it holds many archaeologic, botanic and geologic values. On the base of this ravine was constructed the amazing Presa de La Sorrueda and, next to it, the stupendous viewpoint, a must see site if you are on this island.
The top of this ravine has a major cauldron limited by strong cliffs. Its medium region (La Sorrueda - Sardina) has a clear V Shape profile. On the low region this is formed by a wide flood plain which extends to meet the sea.

Dam of Sorrueda

The Dam of Tirajana reservoir, also known as the Dam of Sorrueda, was finalized in 1974,
being one of the very few in Gran Canaria to be made up of odd materials: it is a clay rockfill embankment, with a maximum height from its foundation reaching some 74 m.,
with a capacity of 380.000 m3.
It has its own peculiar tunnel overflow, rounded with no gates, known as the Morning Glory (an original English name given to the ornamental Ipomoea plants, related to the sweet potato, which sprout up and have trumpet and funnel shaped flowers).
The whole area to the west of this gully, with the exception of its narrow coastal strip, forms part of the World Biosphere Reserve of Gran Canaria, as declared by UNESCO on 29th June 2005.

Ansite Fortress

The Ansite Fortress is located in the Tirajana Ravine inside the municipal terminus of Santa Lucía, on the island of Gran Canaria.
On the Ansite Fortress you’ll find and important archaeological site characterized by a complex of natural caves located around many cliffs.
Here some aboriginal canary specimens lived. Many other archaeological materials were also found in this site.
According to the legends, this was one of the last locations where the prehispanic colonies stayed as i was on 1483 that the Ansite conquest happened by the famous general Pedro de Vera.
Nowadays many suppose this was a very peaceful and amusing excursion.

The Valley of the Thousand Palm Trees

The short travel up to the Fataga Valley famously referred to as the “Valley of the Thousand Palms,” does not disappoint.
The twisty drive itself is such a splendid experience as the mountainside road offers so many magnificent sights to see.
After views of impressive cliffs, lush groves of palm and fruit trees warmly welcome guests on the way to what is considered the most beautiful village on the island.
A quaint mountain village of whitewashed Canarian houses with orange to brown clay roof tiles and narrow cobblestone lanes sandwiched between valleys is more than stunning.
It is breathtakingly picturesque.
Situated in one of the most captivating natural landscapes in Gran Canaria, Fataga is a very charming day-trip escape especially to those staying on the coast.

Dunes of Maspalomas

The Maspalomas Dune system is a unique wild place in the Canary Islands due to its beauty and range of ecosystems.
Its 400 hectares, protected by the Canarian government as a Nature Reserve of special value, include a fantastic beach, a dynamic sand dune system, palm grove and a brackish lagoon.
This mix of desert and oasis is at the southern tip of Gran Canaria and is surrounded by the famous Maspalomas resort.

Adults: 57.00 €
Kids:   57.00 €(2 till 12 years)
9.00 am till 16.00 pm
This excludes the transport time.

5 Stars / Points6.012


(Kids 2/12)



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